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Impact Blog Post: God Loves Gays billboard
September 15, 2014 Anna Kiesser

Impact Blog Post: God Loves Gays billboard

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In response to Westboro Baptist Church’s extremism and public acts of hatred, such as protests, directed toward gays and others (even at people’s funerals), a group of advocates for the LGBT community is funding a billboard to be put up in the Church’s hometown (Topeka, Kansas). The billboard would definitely catch your attention if you saw it while you were driving down the freeway. It has written in huge, bold letters; GOD LOVES GAYS. Now when they say “God”  they are referring to the account on social media websites which calls itself “God” and mocks and insults our actual God. What’s frustrating about this dispute is both sides are approaching it with the wrong mindset. Also, the billboard is a bit misleading.

I know a lot of people who don’t want anything to do with Christianity because of the way some Christians act, or the way they treat people who are different. i.e; homosexuals, bisexuals, atheists, etc. WBC is an excellent example of why some people hate Christians. WBC pretty much has the same beliefs as Christians BUT they do not act very Christian. And what a lot of people don’t understand is that God does love gay people, because he loves everybody,because we are all God’s Children. BUT the whole point of God’s love is to accept it in order to gain salvation! A huge part of that is obeying his word. He loves gays, but not their lifestyle because that is not what he had planned for us. God tells us to love others just as he loved us. People think that means we must accept the homosexual lifestyle and if we don’t, we are bigots and hypocrites.  To people who don’t know Christ, this is just another issue similar to segregation and people being against interracial marriages. They think it’s justified because, as some would say, “love is love”, but actually, God is love. If we keep judging and hating those who are not believers, how will we bring them to the light? How will they see God’s love if not through us? And who would want to follow a God who allowed that kind of behavior?

A good motto to follow when it comes to homosexuality is: don’t CONDEMN but don’t CONDONE. Although we know that homosexuality is a sin, we are in no place to cast judgement upon anyone. We CAN, however, try to show them God’s love in hopes that they will see the error of their ways and turn to Him.

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