The Question of Life
February 17, 2016 Brianna Ardon

The Question of Life

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The issue of Abortion has been a hotly-debated issue for decades. The question that is being asked is whether life begins at conception or not. Many people fall into either the pro-choice or pro-life category. Those who are pro-choice argue that a woman has the right to do what she wants to her own body; the fetus is seen as an extension of her body, a “clump of cells”. However, once a zygote is formed, it carries a different genetic structure than the mother (MedlinePlus), thus making the “clump of cells” a completely different being than the mother. Once the baby is developed, it becomes its own human being, with its own unique DNA.  Whether it is considered a life or not at conception, the question must be asked where the logic is regarding the “women’s rights” argument. In many cases, this argument is a scapegoat for allowing women to live a life of irresponsibility and not deal with the consequences of their actions. On the opposite end of the spectrum, those who are pro-life believe that life begins at conception because it is taken into account that the “clump of cells” forming within a woman’s womb is another human being, that will eventually have a brain, a heart, and a mind that can change the future. An unborn child is seen as a valuable being with a life. The question again returns to “What is Life?. Life is freedom, especially in American culture. Life is having the ability to fight for one’s beliefs and to freely express their thoughts and opinions without persecution. A life in oppression and slavery (whether physically, mentally or legally), is not a life; it is torment. Those who are pro-choice, at times appear hypocritical because they typically fall into the political party that fight for the “oppressed” minority, yet they deny the silent minority, unborn children, even the right to live. When a cause appears to support the views of the pro-choice, liberal party, they fight it with great fervor, but when it stands in the way of their liberal agenda, they fight against it for their convenience. I believe that life begins at conception, because it is at that point that a new life is created. Unborn children have a right to live, as we all do and where they cannot fight, someone must stand in the gap for them. Every life has purpose and value; an innocent, defenseless unborn child should not pay the consequence of their lives because of the irresponsibility of the mother. However, it is important to stress that whether one stands on one side or the other, no one who has gone through with an abortion should be judged upon past actions; everyone deserves to move from their past and look towards a brighter future.


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