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Impact Blog Post (Corrupt Charities: Years of Underlying Deceit)
September 15, 2014 Berkeley Carter

Impact Blog Post (Corrupt Charities: Years of Underlying Deceit)

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Charities in the U.S. are constantly on the rise, up and coming charities are sprouting up in abundance throughout the nation. The purpose of charities, which is to use donated money to help fund research for medical needs, provide aid in the lives of underprivileged children, and sponsor various activist groups worldwide, is not quite doing just that anymore. While the mission statement of these charities has not changed in many years, the generated revenue is going multiple places when received, and a multitude of these places are in not in fact what the company sponsors. While a great deal of charitable organizations continually proceed to invest wholesomely and honestly in what the represent, there are more than a handful that quietly but surely, disperse their endorsements elsewhere. This information can be acquired via public tax records and financial investigation websites. Recently, the Tampa Bay Times has released a list stating the top 50 most corrupt charities in the U.S. which consists of a variety of well known and seemingly respected charities.  Among these 50, it is calculated that individually, each charitable organization donates only a small percentage of its funds to the cause that it, “supports.” The rest of the money is dispersed throughout the companies themselves for salaries and new equipment. One diabetes charity foundation in particular that in one year, raised upwards of 14 million dollars, while only 10k of it was put toward the diabetes cause. Collectively, the 50 “worst” charities raised 1.3 billion in the year of 2013. Of that, one billion went directly to the companies themselves, showing that merely 80% of profit raised by these organizations is kept internally. The list and names of the companies can be found here: http://www.tampabay.com/topics/specials/worst-charities.page. Should this bother us as people? Are people noticing and taking into account the corruption within these organizations that are carelessly disregarding the financial help provided for other human beings in need? Operating within the confines of human decency and inherent morale value, we should be accounting for the truly disgusting nature of what is really going on, which is that certified charity agencies are using peoples donated money for the betterment of themselves, and not to endorse cure research or domestic aid causes as they are publicizing. The conceited nature of these companies is overwhelming and clearly becomes evident with little research. Being aware of what you are donating to is important, bottom line. However sincere your intentions, donating to one place could provide clean drinking water for 100 children in the Mathare Valley, while donating another could simply make a millionaire another million. If you would like to make the world a better place, do your research, you could just as easily support something you did not intend to. Always remember, the devil wears many masks.

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