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September 15, 2015 Brent tennison

Impact Blog Post

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In recent years a new technology with incredible potential has started to gain ground, its actually one of the main reasons that I decided on my major of computer science. The technology is virtual reality or V.R. as it is also called. The first time virtual reality was attempted was in the 80’s with Nintendo but that ended up being cancelled because computers were not powerful enough to have many practical uses for it. With computers having become much more powerful since then, many companies decided to venture into V.R. once again. One of the first to begin working on V.R. was a small company called Oculus. They created a head mounted display that was used to simulate a first person view. This was used primarily for video games in the beginning but has started to be used for other means such as movies, but these uses are only scratching the surface of the potential of V.R.. Many large companies like Microsoft, Sony, Google, and Facebook began to take interest in the potential of V.R. and began developing headsets of their own. Platforms such as movies and games can be great ways to teach lessons to people because of how immersive they can be. V.R. takes these platforms to an entirely different level of immersion because they make you feel that much closer to actually being there. The more attached or immersed you are in something the more impact full the lessons that it teaches will be to those experiencing them. With V.R. pushing these platforms closer to feeling real, it could potential be used for incredibly powerful lessons if used in the right way. This coming year many of these V.R. units will start to be mass produced for the public and the true potential of this technology will start to be seen.

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