Higgs Boson
September 15, 2015 Jeremiah Castillo

Higgs Boson

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In the beginning resonates with us as we set forth an endeavor to understand exactly what happened either before or after. Written out through the first chapter of Genesis we see that God laid out the foundations of what we now count as reality. Science is one of my favorite topics mainly because as one who lives by faith we cannot merely say things are because of God. With science and its discoveries I feel challenged to prove my case of what is divine just as science seems to build a solid case of nature taking its natural course. While that seems to be one perspective towards science I also find that some of the explanations given by science are made to let us see the hand of God up close and clearly as if it were a blueprint to a DVD player or smart phone. Such an experiment as the Large Hadron Collider at times is looked at as a moment of questioning the existence of a deity but we were created as rational beings with the ability to explore creation to recognize and see a creator. The Higgs Boson is a large hadron collider (LHC) that is defined as the missing link in physics. British physicist, Peter Higgs, stated that after the big bang theory particles did not have mass. In its simplicity it has a great movement. Its the name and findings that tend to shake us. Being deemed as the “big bang” machine that found the “god particle.” This is just in a manner of science taking a step to solidify and gather necessary information noting that in the nothingness there was something. This experiment to me caught my attention just because it seemed to be interpreted as wanting to denounce an existence of a God but with the findings of this experiment believers have a better opportunity to better understand the existence of what was before an audience could describe what was in the nothingness. With information at our doorstep and in the present day, we should strive to be well informed of these types of studies.

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