September 16, 2014 Catherine Yoon


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You hear your alarm ring and you naturally get up to get ready despite your tired body. You grab your bag and head out the door and into the car. You arrive at school or work and your day begins. Persistently, you pour all your time and effort into your work because you have a plan for your life – a goal that you one day hope to achieve. And so you work tirelessly and endlessly, pushing yourself until you are able to arrive at your intended destination with your own strength. You’ve set a purpose for your life and you have a clear and focused mind – all to chase something that you believe will ultimately bring you happiness. And it’s all you ever wanted.

We, as humans, are told everyday to find a purpose for our own lives and that happiness is in the palm of our own happiness- whether it be at school or even when we are with our friends. We are challenged daily to chase after a future that will bring us success and to live our lives for the sake of our own happiness. And everyday we work towards this idea of success that we have painted in our heads. But one day along the way, we find ourselves feeling uncertain. We feel uncertain of all the things that we were once so sure of and we begin to lose control over aspects of our lives. We begin to question ourselves and everything we’ve ever known. But you continue to press on and you finally achieve that goal you’ve worked painfully for, excited to finally bask in all the happiness that you have fought for. And you do, for a time being. But then it slowly fades and you can’t help yourself from feeling empty, from feeling lost.

We fight for happiness and we fight for success. We believe that we can seek everlasting peace and pleasure in the world because we are taught to think this way and because it has been ingrained in our heads for as long as we can remember. But as you continue to pursue many different things to fill that void that continues to grow, one can’t help but wonder if there’s anything more. Maybe it’s not something in this world that will make us whole, but something greater and more powerful than we could ever imagine.

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