Music Culture vs.Christian Worldview
September 15, 2015 Cheyenne Earlywine

Music Culture vs.Christian Worldview

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The pop culture strays away from the Christian theology. The music culture in our generation sets a list of immorality’s, foul language, and actions that are responsible for a fall that we are facing in today’s culture specifically effecting the youth. There’s no question that rap music and Christian Theology have always contradicted, but today more than ever we are seeing music being produced that encourages views that directly oppose the Christian world view.  Macklemore an iconic rap icon touches upon the conflict by saying “we become so numb we forget what were saying” in today’s generation we do not only become numb to what we are saying, but to our actions. We, as a generation, have fallen into the ideology that glorifying, and engaging in these sins are acceptable due to the fact that it is what everyone is doing, it is very much so a product of reification. The author Plantiga in the novel “Engaging Gods Word” touches upon the issue we face in today’s entertainment industry by saying “Popular entertainment culture not only songs and dances, but also films that glorify greed or mindless chauvinism, and that routinely portray the parents of teenagers as naïve or stupid.”(Plantiga 58). Entertainment should be glorifying to God, rap is the current poetic expression in our generation that allows artist to articulate their beliefs. As it is today artist are Idolized by the youth, therefore their actions are reified and replicated by the young generation. We come across two major issues with this accepted standard, first that our glorification is given to these figures rather than to our savior, and second that we welcome these sinful concepts into our minds and then forth into our lives. The problem is not the genre of music that we listen to, but rather what the content being expressed in this genre has become.

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