Gods plan isnt going as planned
September 5, 2015 Courtney Nelsen

Gods plan isnt going as planned

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God says love one another as you would love yourself. Society has a tough time doing this because the fad now is to be all about yourself. Selfishness has become the “in” lifestyle. A person wants what they want, when they want it, and they expect it to be delivered. In addition, an individual’s ideas of how the world should run become a great debate if his neighbor does not agree. Society now seems to take matters into their own hands if authority does not handle an issue in a certain manor. For example, if one man steals from another, it is no longer a matter of turning the other cheek, it becomes an eye for an eye situation. The root of humanities problems is not society’s complete ignorance to the issues, it is their stubborn pride (Plantinga pg. 49). A man now believes he can do to one man as someone has done to him, and so on and so forth. In most cases, a resistance occurs and altercations and outbreaks arise. A tooth for a tooth gives people a sense of justification for an escalation in violence. But, individuals such as Bishop Jim Lowe combats this sense with the “all lives matter” march. Jim Lowe, a pastor of a church in Birmingham, co-organized the march and is quoted saying, “love is the answer- God is the answer” (al.com, Alabama). Society is designed, by God, to love one another as He loved us. But, by the way society is interacting we are not participating in God’s plan for this world. He designed this world for peace and community among all creation. In our fall from grace into sin we separated ourselves from this perspective. Understanding life and all its commodities are material. They are in a sense, worthless in the long run. This boils everything back down to a foundation of community and compassion for one another, uncovering a beauty and goodness in loving someone as themselves.

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