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Christianity and the Arts
September 16, 2014 Christian Wilding

Christianity and the Arts

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Multimedia and the fine arts have been in wide use in the world and increasingly so in modern times. Things from music to movies and even dancing are prevalent everywhere. A simple search on you tube of a popular song will reveal how many millions of people view these music videos. It cannot be denied how we as modern people process and react to the world. We are undoubtedly an entertainment centered society. So why is it that we so often will pass time watching a television screen or listening to music or be moved by dancing or art? And why so often to we see churches shy away from uses these types of media as an outlet for the gospel, is that the right way?
If you think of your average day you cannot deny the overarching presence of media arts in your life. Even something as simple as looking at a building and acknowledging its beauty, in that moment you have enjoyed a form of art. Even watching a movie, though it is entertaining, if broken down it is composed of many different forms art. You are seeing the product of another person’s imagination, a glimpse into how they see the world. The fact that all humans enjoy art at some level points to, I believe, that art in an inherent part of our humanity. Is all art “good”? No, there will be art that has been corrupted or polluted by our sinful nature however art in all forms must be inherently good. We must on a level agree that for those of us who are Christians that God himself is the greatest artist ever in existence. We see the evidence of his amazing creativity in the world around us. So if this world was created by God and He is a creative God would he not have instilled that desire in his greatest creation, man? So why so often do we especially those of us who are Christians shy away from what we refer to as the “secular” arts and only listen to or look at those things that have been created by Christian artists or authors? Should we not desire to explore this world including the vast creativity that is around us? I believe we should.
Churches are at times known to be notoriously “anti-art”. And it is true for some churches that they would like to stay away from anything that may be linked to the “secular world”. Is not dancing a form of art? So why should we use that gift to praise God even in church. If you look back in history it can be argued that the church was an influencer and purveyor of the arts. Some of the greatest paintings, songs, musical compositions and architectural masterpieces were commissioned by the church. Is it to say that churches should build elaborate buildings, no but we should see that if the modern church rises up and stops running could we not influence the arts and through that the world around us at a much deeper level? We should seek to redeem the arts bringing them back to their true intention, which is bringing glory to the Creator of this world. We must seek to go into this world and impact it in every field of vocation so that we may use our gifts to their full potential and in the process point others to the truths of God’s word. Let us seek to honor the greatest artist in all that we do.

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