Music for the Soul
September 22, 2015 Daisy Vega

Music for the Soul

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Music has a major impact in many aspects of our lives. It can influence our thoughts, motivations, and actions with the words flowing out from the minds of artists who create such pieces. However, how do we know which artists are truly beneficial to our souls? How do we decide which things are Christian enough to listen to and which should be completely avoided? There are many artists who do not necessarily choose to consider themselves to fall under the “Christian artist” label yet still have an underlying spiritual meaning behind their songs. Can it be possible for a “non-Christian” artist to affect our lives in a positive way?

Most people would agree with the statement that actively listening to Christian music can have a positive outcome in our lives. These songs include those which delve deeply into glorifying God through direct phrases. Yet, there are also songs in which we need to take more time and thought to decipher what message is being conveyed. These songs are no less glorifying to God than those clearly mentioning the name, Jesus.

One of the artists I find to be spiritually beneficial, despite their lack of being considered a “Christian band” is Twenty One Pilots. While there is not any particular song that mentions the name of Jesus, there is no ignoring the underlying message of Christian theology woven so intricately into their words. Songs such as “Goner” which show a deep cry out for help amidst the battle we as humans have with our own self. With lyrics stating, “though I’m weak and beaten down, I’ll slip away into the sound. The ghost of you is close to me…” we can see this confidence in Christ even when we feel we are at our lowest point. While the artist chose not to mention exactly who this song was aimed towards, there is so much we can benefit from it when we apply it to the Lord. While this particular band is not labeled as a Christian group, they should not be ruled out as something that can benefit our souls.


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