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Brian “Head” Welch Finds God
September 16, 2014 Sam de la Vega

Brian “Head” Welch Finds God

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God is always working in amazing ways. I have seen first hand and heard of many incredible testimonies that show the true power of The Lord. It is really encouraging for me to see this power worked out with “celebrities.” Celebrities seem to have everything, but in reality if they don’t have God, they have nothing. Brian “Head” Welch, the lead guitarist of heavy medal band Korn, has quite the testimony. He quit his band Korn, who sold more than 11 million records in the United States, to follow God. Before quitting the band, Welch was addicted to methamphetamine for years. This was a very hard addiction to beat in order to follow the Lord. Before he accepted Christ, he indulged in other drugs and sexual immorality. Now his life is completely changed around. He is completely sober, thriving, and living for Christ. He even started his own solo music career, and released his own album. The lyrics on this new album are all heavily based off of the Christian faith. I find this so awesome that he found a way to continue his passion with music, and honor God at the same time. This is a beautiful story of redemption. Welch was living deep in his sin, and God saved him. He is completely redeemed and set free from his sin. Welch’s testimony shows that nothing can satisfy you, other than God. He had so much money, so much talent, and so much fame, but none of it was enough for him. He had so much pleasure from drug use and sexual immorality, but that happiness didn’t last. The only time he truly had satisfaction and everlasting joy was when he gave up his life to Christ. In doing this, he was able to be a great example to his daughter. He was able to raise her in a Christian environment, rather than a drug induced, broken one. It’s so amazing that he humbled himself, gave up his life of fame, and became a great father. Brian “Head” Welch’s testimony shows how amazing the grace of God truly is.


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