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ABORTION….in Texas
September 15, 2014 James Lim

ABORTION….in Texas

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I read an article entitled “Will the clinics stay open in Texas?” on It talks about how Texas’ anti-abortion legislation made protesters defend abortion rights outside the Texas capitol building. It also assert that if the appeals court overturns Yeakel’s ruling, they can hold five clinics left. So, it basically implies about how legislating anti-abortion made Texas woman uncomfortable to get abortion and made to bankrupt a lot of abortion clinic centers.
And, I would like to strongly argue that they are missing out the point. This article does not seem like they are dealing about human-life issue. It seems like they are issuing about how legislation made business busted. It seems like why citizens in Texas got angry because of legislation. This is terrific. This article SHOULD have included about human’s life issue. The point is Texas made a right choice for human and people are getting mad about their decision.
Throughout this article, I realized that world, nowadays, does not see abortion as murder any more. They do NOT see abortion as a murder. It implies that babies who are in the womb does not have any choice at all. World are now saying it is okay to kill baby before 20 weeks because babies are unlikely to have life when they are in womb until 20 weeks. It is no differ than this: “I set up the bomb and now I want to explode the library. I’m 90% sure that there are no one in the library. Therefore due to probability I will blow up the library”. People, nowadays, believe decision of abortion should be rights for women who are pregnant. Some people argue like this “I was raped and I ought to have right to abort my baby or not”. Yet, why does baby have to die because of his/her sin? And, you want to have your own rights but not your baby? What an irony.
Seventh commandments says: You shall not kill/murder. Even Christians nowadays do not understand abortion is same as murder. A lot of people assert that I disagree with abortion because I am a Christian but, I mean, murder is bad but abortion is okay? I’m so sorry I do not see any differences. To be honest, I do not see any difference between a abortion doctor and a hit-man. This article wants to convey message of Texas’ anti-abortion legislation but unfortunately they are missing out their point of a human-right issue.

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