The Kardashian Family
September 11, 2016 Daniel Verde

The Kardashian Family

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Let’s have a brief discussion about the Kardashian family because it seems to me that they’re destroying their family without knowing it. The Kardashians obtain fame for all the wrong reasons, starting them off with Kim Kardashian’s sex tape which was such a disrespect to herself (and her family), and people seem to forget that. Even though that may have been a mistake, Kim seems to not look at it as a mistake.

They eventually started their own reality show called Keeping Up With The Kardashians, which premiered back in the fall of 2007. Both families, the Kardashians and the Jenners, gave the public eye insight on their lives. The show received many bad reviews at the beginning, but the show today has an audience of about 3 million viewers. This was a huge mistake; allowing so many people to know so much about your family, it’s no wonder this family goes through so much struggles with media shaming them for every action they make on the show. The Kardashian family should cancel the show before they tear their family apart.

Robert Kardashian appears to hate his family for how public they are with their family problems, and he himself left the show and is very discrete about his personal life. Robert made the right decision in leaving the show but should not have fled from his family.

This family can bring so much light to the world if you think about it. From watching a few clips of the show, I can see that the family has some great family values and traditions that they briefly share with the public. I believe that instead of making their show for entertainment, but for counseling or mentorship, perhaps the public can pick up on their values and in general bring light to the world.

On social media, the family is continuously bashed and ranted on because of the family drama that is being shown. I bet that if the drama was limited or perhaps the show was canceled, the public will see that the Kardashian family is finally working on coming together and not focusing on the fame anymore. This family has so much potential and their show is only holding them back from it.

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