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Principle’s Personal Gains
February 10, 2015 E

Principle’s Personal Gains

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Principle’s Personal Gains

            This morning I was reading on Fox about a principle using the school’s money for her own personal gains. I am a college athlete and when I came across the headline of the story, “Principal is in Much Better Shape than her School,” I had to read it. In the article it states that the principle was head of a school that only went up to fifth grade. The writer of the article interviewed one of the teachers at the school. The writer asked one of the teachers if the kids had a gym. The teacher responded, “the kids have their own gym, her (the principle’s) gym is on the third floor and it’s her own personal gym.” She also stated that the principle would come into school early, workout (sometimes even when school had already started), finish and then lock the door. The teacher said that the door would remain locked all day. The other teachers said that this room was off limits and that no one could go in. Rather than using school funds to support extracurricular activities or studies, the principle had her own personal gym that was bought with the school’s money. The article also stated that the elementary school has been struggling for the past four years. “Only 16 percent of students passed state English tests and only 12 percent passed math exams last year” (Fox). The article also states that the principle makes about 124,319 dollars a year.

            I believe this principle did not go to an adequate school either. If she did, she would have been smarter with scholastic funds by not taking advantage of the school, students, and parents. If I had children, I could not fathom sending my kids to this school. I find it rather depressing that someone would have the nerve to take advantage of a struggling school. Furthermore, the principle easily makes enough money to pay for a gym membership. There are most likely many more details that we readers do not know yet. Thankfully, further investigation is continuing to take place. For this reason, one should never attempt to cheat others for selfish personal gain.


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