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Biblical View of Parenting
February 11, 2015 Parenting Genius

Biblical View of Parenting

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Ever since the first day of a baby’s life, the parents are the ones there for them. Anywhere from cuddling with them before bedtime to brushing them off after they fall down, parents are the child’s everything. Since the parents are around their child so much, the child creates a special bond and love for them. Although, if the parents are always gone to work and they never get time for their child, then that is when the child starts to stumble. They struggle with school work, other adults, and with certain situations.

It is every crucial for a parent to constantly be conversing with their child at a young age. It could be something simple like telling their child about their day or reading them a story. It may seem simple and weird, but throughout their lives you will see how it has helped them. The main area that it helps them is with their education and the knowledge they are able to contain. Their vocabulary capacity grows, because of all the words that they have heard their parents say to them. As parents you may not realize or think that what you say has an effect on them, but you will be surprised what their little minds can take in.

Conversing with children while they are young will help them with their skills in the classroom too, whether that be understanding the material better or being able to simply have a healthy conversation with their teacher. If the child is able to learn how to speak to their parents, then it will be less intimidating for them to talk to their teach or to talk in front of their class.

The parents play an important role in their child’s life by simply conversing with them while they grow up. The little things that seem so unimportant tend to be the most important. Children need their parents to be there for them and to love them. A lot of parents have to drop off their child at daycare or drop them off at school, which makes it really had to keep that special connection, but parents need to then make more of an effort towards their children. It will get harder and harder as the days and years go on, but it is so important and so worth it.

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