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Evil is what’s wrong with world, and it includes trouble in nature as well as in human nature.  The fall of mankind caused humans carry an instinctive nature that is not perfect and has immoral desires. Today we see humans constantly engaging in wicked acts all throughout the world. Good is original, first, normal and positive. Evil is secondary, abnormal and destructive. In fact, evil needs good in order to be evil. In other words, evil is a kind of parasite and needs good in order to survive.


Since the fall of mankind war has been very apparent all throughout history.  Usually wars are started because people want control of certain resources or they want dominance.  Most recently we see a story that has greeted Mexico with a shock.  Security forces in Egypt have mistakenly killed 12 people, Including Mexican tourists, during an anti-terror operation.  The tourists were traveling in vehicles and the driver accidently went to into a restricted zone and they were treated and dealt with as terrorists. The Egyptian interior ministry have released a statement saying that the tourists were “mistakenly dealt with”.  The Mexican President Pena Nieto has condemned the incident and said he had “demanded an exhaustive investigation by the Egyptian government”.


The fall of mankind has forever changed the world and because of that we have horrible incidents such as the one that occurred in Egypt. Most people believe that just as there is an evil force in this world there is also a force of good. So how do we move forward with this situation in Egypt? They must redeem themselves and ask for forgiveness from the Mexican people.  Redemption means to be saved from sin, error, or evil. The Egyptians must feel really bad about what happened but regardless if it was an accident or not, situations like that are an outcome of the fall of mankind.

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