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Legalized Prostitution
February 12, 2015 Nina Austria

Legalized Prostitution

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An article posted on Business Insider, 7 Reasons Why America Should Legalize Prostitution, argues for the benefits and legalization of prostitution. In my opinion, prostitution should definitely not be legalized. The article claimed that by legalizing prostitution: violence against women would decline, health of the sex workers would improve, tax revenue would be gained, law enforcement resources can be saved and labor rights could be enacted. While all this seems like a plausible cause for legalization, there are no guarantees and the repercussions could be irreversible.

The reification of legalized prostitution would be a detriment to the heart of the community. Generations would be brought up in a society, where sex would lose it’s intimacy, value, and sacredness. The intimacy shared between two consensual partners, a husband and wife, should not be commercialized. The Transformation View, a relational perspective on gospel and culture, would unfold these questions: What is the intention, inherent value, and impact of legalized prostitution? Legalized prostitution does not educate or pay homage to the One True Creator. It’s not praiseworthy, true, righteous, decent, virtuous, etc. Finally, legalized prostitution does not make strides in the advancement of human existence and society.

The Doctrine of the Transcendentals, adopt the idea that everything in this world can be linked to goodness, truth, and beauty, or it’s counterparts. The intimacy shared between a husband and wife, for example, has so much truth, beauty, and goodness embedded in it. When this intimacy is exploited in the from of legalized prostitution, this intended harmonious relationship is destroyed and tainted. Legalized prostitution reifies the practice of buying sex. The emotional effects that the prostitutes endure after every “business transaction” must take a toil on their humanness and over well being. If one day the practice of prostitution would be legalized, would those supporters start handing out applications and making referrals to all their friends, loved ones, and co workers. The same compassion and consideration we have for the people in our lives, should cut across all of humanity and society.

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