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How To Select Engine Diagnostic System For Domestic And All Over The World Vehicles
November 5, 2014 www.fcar.com

How To Select Engine Diagnostic System For Domestic And All Over The World Vehicles

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Solution: As there are various models and brands in china, engine electronic control systems can be domestic independently developed, or from joint ventures, import. Because the difference of the brands and the technology capabilities of each vehicle manufacturers, domestic vehicle engine management system can be divided into combined electronic control system, Delphi electronic control system, Marelli electronic control system, SIMENS electronic control system, MOTOROLA, BOSCH etc.. Just Delphi’s electronic control system has not less than 10 species. The wrong choice of the system will cause auto fault diagnostic computer unable to communicate with the control unit, false fault, inaccurate fault code inaccurate data stream, misplaced data stream display, etc. problem. Diagnosing the vehicle assembled with such electronic control system should pay attention to the following questions:
1) Vehicle model match with auto fault diagnostic software.
2) The control unit type match with diagnostic software.
3) The control unit model match with diagnostic software.
4) Diagnostic seat match with fault diagnostic connector.
Note: when diagnose the vehicle models that not for sure about the above conditions, only by entering into the system successively and observing the accuracy of data streams to judge whether choose the right electronic control system, or pull out the corresponding sensor actuator, checking whether the fault code of the vehicle fault decoder associated with the pulled out components, to judge whether the system is the right choice

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[Chinese Cars]
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