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A Real Practice of Love
September 16, 2014 Grace Yun

A Real Practice of Love

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Fox News reported that a 70-year-old elderly couple, who was living in their car in a Pasco County Walmart parking lot, was helped by a group of girls. Dee Head, her husband Gordon, and their three dogs had been in that lot for several weeks. They had been living in Texas until early August when Gordon took a construction supervisor job in The Villages. Gordon was promised a job working on a hospital, packing everything up, but the job fell through. He became unemployed in a day and did not have savings. Gordon was drawing Social Security, but it was not enough to stay in a permanent place. On one Monday night, a teenage girl Brandi Dussing, her sister and some friends were grocery shopping and noticed the couple sleeping in their car. They offered food to the couple. Gordon declined, but the girls insisted on feeding them. The girls posted the elderly couple’s story on Facebook, and set up a donation page to help get the couple back on their feet.

We all know that we need to help and love our neighbors, but it is easy to ignore this value. As a Christian, I have learned that Jesus taught, one of the greatest commandments in the Law is ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ However, it is hard to practice it willingly when we see the homeless like the elderly couple above. We feel they are strange or scary, and avoid them instinctually. But these teenage girls show how to practice ‘Love your neighbor’ in real life. The girls’ little concern saved the elderly couple who could not even get help from the social system. They could pass by the couple and went home to spend time with friends. However, they did more valuable thing for their neighbors. If they just ignored the couple, no one knew what would happen to the couple living in parking lot. These girls are young, but their love for others is more mature than adults’. To help others is not grandiose; it starts from a little concern.

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