Should Christians Engage in Pop Culture?
September 14, 2015 Dawson Hoppes

Should Christians Engage in Pop Culture?

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For some people, the answer to this question is a hard no. Many people believe that pop culture is so far gone that there is no way it can have any redeeming qualities; it can only be a hindrance and distraction to their lives. In some cases, I do believe that investing time in pop culture can have a negative effect on a Christian. However if no one ever takes the time to listen to what pop culture is saying, they will never know the mindset that many people of the world are coming from. The people that are apart of pop culture are not writing about fictional things. They are writing, singing, and performing from their own personal experiences. A lot of the time their experiences do involve things like weed, sex, discrimination, the fight against authority, and feelings of loneliness. Even crazier the public likes and supports these artists because they are going through the same things! There is brokenness in this world and the only true healer is Christ. By learning of the world’s pain and the stages of life they are in, we will be better equipped to lead them to true healing.

If every Christian decides it is easier to not deal with pop culture, and puts their faces in the ground the situation will not get better. As Christians we are called to be a light in a dark world, and that command still applies to pop culture. The world will not get better if we just take the easy way out and focus our time and energy elsewhere. Pop culture reflects the thoughts and emotions that many people are having and facing. We must not be quick to discount these feelings and run away from people that think and live life differently than us. Personally I feel called to work in the film industry and be able to effect pop culture through the art of storytelling. Not everyone may be called to work in the film industry for example, but I think that if everyone wasn’t so quick to judge and put pop culture out of their sight, they might be able to learn more about their neighbors and about the things they might be going through. If we know more about the world we live in, we will be able to become more effective witnesses for the Lord.

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