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Atheist Airman Forced to Say “So Help Me God” in Oath
September 15, 2014 Jake Bandaruk

Atheist Airman Forced to Say “So Help Me God” in Oath

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An atheist member of the United States Air Force was told that he must swear, “so help me god” as part of his military oath or else he will be forced to leave the service. To allow the airman to do this, this case will have to go before congress because they are the only ones allowed to change and update the AFI (Air Force Instruction). The airman has until November to either state the words or end his contract with the United States Air Force. Being a strong believer of Christ and also being a contracted member of the United States Air Force, I felt that this topic had everything to do with me. After thinking about this for a while, I came to the conclusion that might surprise people. This airman had every right not to say the words “so help me god”. One of the founding principles of America was the idea of freedom of religion. Any good Christian will see this too because Christianity isn’t about forcing others to say four words to serve the country that protects religious freedom the most. Not only that, but in the oath the words “so help me god” were written that way so it was a religiously neutral statement. A good Christian is still accepting of those that don’t have the same belief system as themselves, especially when push comes to shove, it is men like him that will be protecting us from extremist groups trying to exterminate all Christians. I think that sometimes we need to take a step back and reanalyze what is the truly Christian thing to do: forcing a man to say words that he doesn’t believe in, or being accepting of all people and knowing that even if they don’t believe it that God does have a plan for them.

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  1. Joe Keenan

    You have a very good point and I must agree.

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