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September 15, 2015 Austin Lazuki

Foundations of Christian Thought Impact Blog

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The state of humanity worsens year after year, not in terms of technological advances, but in human mentality and character. There is an exponentially growing population of people that make decisions based more on how they feel and what they want than on what is true, often ignoring the truth in order to accept their own decisions (as dark as they may be). This becomes an especially serious problem when it comes to topics such as abortion, where many praise the idea that the woman owns the life of the child she carries and may do whatever she pleases with it, including murder it. What is worse is that these people believe that women have the right to abort a fetus, but if anyone takes a serious look at the truth about an unborn child, it becomes clear that the being is in fact, from conception, a living, human, person, deserving all of the God-given rights that our Constitution upholds, including the right to life. Granted, the Constitution permits abortion. However, that does not make it right. The Constitution once permitted slavery, but that was wrong, and, like abortion, it was permitted on the grounds that black people were not human beings, just like an unborn child is not considered a human being (which is false). I use to wrestle with whether or not a fetus was a living human person, or, if not right away, at what point it became so. I wondered if there was a time in the early stages of development — such as before the brain developed, or before the heart developed — that it was okay to abort a fetus. To answer these questions, I deeply researched and studied arguments from both sides (something people, especially myself, need to do often but do not do). In fact, I wrote a 3500 word thesis about abortion during my senior year of high school. What I noticed was that a majority of arguments in favor of abortion were selfish and illogical. They built support by telling people what they wanted to hear and by feeding their emotions. I even found out that the leading advocates of abortion believe that a fetus is in fact a living human being, but they just could not care less about it. However, I wrestled inside about the seemingly strong arguments, including whether or not a fetus was a person even if it was a living human being, and therefore if it had the right to life. After all, I had often considered these arguments myself without looking them up. After I had researched extensively, even interviewed experts, I determined that even if it sounds strange to a person, an unborn child is a living human person starting at conception. (This certainly sounded strange to me for a long time. How can a single cell be a person?) Nonetheless, my research convinced me that it is true even if I thought it strange. I accepted the truth because truth does not depend on how I feel about it. It is to be accepted. The world will become a better place when people seek truth instead of what they want to hear, and then base their lives off of that truth, not bound by false assumptions or criticisms of others. Live by truth, not by desire.

As a side note, I will be glad to post my research paper for those who are interested. It considers political, scientific, and philosophical arguments in determining whether or not an unborn child is a living human person deserving the right to life.

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