Gay Marriage: Born This Way
September 15, 2015 jordan javellana

Gay Marriage: Born This Way

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            “Baby, I was born this way!” was the main phrase in Lady Gaga’s song, “Born This Way”. Many people claim that their homosexuality is something they were born with and something they have no control over. That statement is very true in that people were born with those attractions, but it is false in the sense that those people can have the control over their desires. God created man and woman, and after doing this, He said, “It was good”. Although that God said it was good, we must remember that Adam and Eve sinned which lead to sin entering the world and separation from God. Sin is something we are born into whether we choose to or not. We all are bound to sin in one way or another; whether one is stealing a cookie from the cookie jar, lusting after a woman in our mind, or lusting after the same sex in our mind, all of these sins are choices we make. We can choose to not steal that cookie. We can choose not to lust after the same sex. Sin is something we voluntarily decide to commit to stealing or lying to committing adultery or loving the same sex. The Christian life is about making daily choices to turn from our sinful desires and obey God. Christ died on the cross so that we can be free from our sin and live in Christ. We were made to be perfect, but because sin entered the world and poisoned the human race, our fleshly desires are not what were intended for us. God made us to love the opposite sex, and ultimately, we are to live the way God created us. In conclusion, some people are born with the attraction to the same sex, but God, who created all things wonderfully, intended for there to be man and wife. We can choose to obey the Almighty Creator who ultimately sent His Son to die for the sake of our freedom, or we can decide to deny his love and go our own way. Gay marriage should not be legal because God forbids loving the same sex. Most of our laws today come from the same law God provided for the Jews, and to obey God partially would not please God. He gave us His all by sending His only Son; therefore we must give our all by obeying Him and honoring Him with our lives.

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