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ISIS and Christianity
February 11, 2015 Jose Mosquera

ISIS and Christianity

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 Most Islamic communities today are Muslims. In today’s present time most of us do not know what it means to be truly Muslim, ultimately its up to the people that are already Muslims to decide whether the person is Muslim or not. A lot of people tend to think ISIS the terrorist group are Muslims but they are not. Our current president Barrack Obama is also telling the media that ISIS isn’t an Islamic organization. Most people agree with what he is saying since Obama is trying to calm down the situation with ISIS and keep his country safe. Since ISIS, a lot of people are rejecting the Islamic community and religion. More people day by day are becoming atheist and not believing any type of religion. Most Christians are trying to open up and help out these people with love and guidance.

Obama recently compared Christianity with the Islamic terrorist group by saying that during the crusades people did numerous crimes under the name of God and comparing it to ISIS as in they are doing the same thing. Obama is blaming the Christianity faith for what ISIS has done but what ISIS has done is far worse they have killed children’s and done more horrific things. Most people are disagreeing with him and the fact that he would try and connect those two is absurd, what ISIS has done does not compare to what Christians did in the earlier ages. Many people disagree with what Obama has said, in today’s society Christianity has made a name for its self, and in fact according to “” there are about 2.18 Billion Christians nationwide. Christianity is known for its kind people, people that constantly help the needy, the homeless, the poor etc., the list can go on for ages. Obama has no right to compare this horrendous terrorist group with Christianity, ISIS have killed thousand of people including children in the past months, Christian people are not known for this and neither is the religion; it’s known for its kindness and open heartiness to anyone even if you are not christian yourself they will still help. The fact that Obama would compare these two is a disrespect to the Christian community.


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