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Christmas is Pagan….And Other Myths
November 29, 2013 J. P. Holding

Christmas is Pagan….And Other Myths

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Today I formally released a new e-book titled Christmas is Pagan and Other Myths. Sad to say, it’s the sort of book that’s too often needed these days.

I wrote it because I had gotten some very worried emails from some very frightened Christians who had been convinced by some fringe books and websites that celebrating Christmas was a one way ticket to hell. Yes, I’m serious. I’m also serious about the sort of objections they were running into, such as:

* December 25th was chosen for Christmas because it came from a pagan festival on that date.

* God has shown His disapproval of the holiday by sending more earthquakes on December 25th than on any other day of the year.

* Christmas trees come from pagan practices and are forbidden by Jeremiah 10.

* Christmas trees are full of latent sexual symbolism.

* Putting presents under your tree is the same as bowing to a pagan god.

* Saint Nicholas, the origin figure for Santa Claus, was a pedophile, and was the founder of the group called the Nicolaitans, who are condemned in Revelation.

* Santa’s “ho ho ho” greeting goes back to the pagan greeting, “Io!”

* The Congressional Record of 1971 proves that Christmas is a pagan holiday.

* Hosea 3:1 condemns the giving of Christmas fruitcakes as gifts.

If you haven’t fallen out of your chair by now…you were probably already lying down. All of these are real objections I found, and like Dave Barry, I assure you I am not making this up.

We spend a lot of time defending the historicity of the Resurrection, and the textual reliability of the New Testament, as well we should and need to do. But sometimes it’s also necessary to get into some pretty weird stuff to help people maintain their faith. That’s been one of my missions for quite a while now.





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