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The Protest That Isn't There
December 27, 2013 J. P. Holding

The Protest That Isn't There

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We all remember when the Islamic world was protesting a viral video critical of Muhammed. But I have a question.

Why don’t Christians get activist when junk like the Jesus myth video, The God Who Wasn’t There, comes out?

Obviously, I do not mean “activist” to the point of assassinating people, burning things, and overturning cars. I mean a much more orderly, much more intellectual, but also very much as public, activism where we make our displeasure known, and also explain why we are displeased — in great, intellectual detail, and with accompanying public shows of numbers.

Back at the time of the video on Islam, some news agencies expected much violence in the Muslim world today as they met for Friday services, and it was expected that there would be versions of sermons which encouraged them to go out and have at it against the Great Infidel. Right now, it’s hard to imagine pastors on Sunday activating their congregations the same way, unless it is to attack the buffet down at Golden Corral. Why is that?

Oh yes, of course, many Christians did show up at Chick-Fil-A to show their support, and there’s now something of a fuss being raised over Duck Dynasty. When there’s food involved, and you have to eat lunch anyway, and you may not even have to get out of your car; or when it involves your favorite TV show — well, that’s about the limit of Christian ideological activism, I suppose. Maybe if we could get Chick-Fil-A to cater a demonstration against The God Who Wasn’t There, more Christians would show up? 

It’s puzzling, really. We have demonstrations at abortion clinics (rightly so), but it doesn’t occur to anyone to demonstrate against things like a film like The God Who Wasn’t There that attacks our underlying reasons for demonstrating against abortion. Right now Westboro Baptist could get a bigger showing for a soldier’s funeral than I could get for a demonstration against an atheist video. 

In that parlance of today, what’s up with that?

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