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The Gap Between the Men and the Women
February 9, 2015 Kayla McFadden

The Gap Between the Men and the Women

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I have an account on many social media sights: Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, etc., and I often find that posts are superficial or are simply sugarcoating topics. However, when I am on Tumblr, serious topics come up, topics that I often find too serious to comment on because I feel that they are not in my place to comment on. For example, I constantly saw posts about Ferguson in the past few months. I also see posts about how Muslims are stereotyped because everyone associates them with terrorists and ISIS. There is one post that, not only stands out to me because it affects my future, but because it is something that I see constantly brought up and passionately fought for, over anything else. Feminism.

I am not much of an activist, so I didn’t want to get very much into it. And when I choose not to get involved in something, I learn what it is from the brief skimming I do of the posts I see as I scroll through Tumblr. All I grasped from educating myself this way was that Feminism had to do with women wanting to have more power and causing men to have less of it. However, I kept finding my knowledge of the subject growing and learned that Feminism isn’t this bad thing that I had previously felt myself getting annoyed with. I have learned that it is simply the desire for women to be equal with men in important aspects of life, such as being paid equally.

I believed that women being paid less than men wasn’t a big deal because I always thought of a married couple and the fact that the man provides for the woman. There is nothing wrong with women having careers or jobs. I, myself, would like to be a teacher some day, and I don’t plan on only doing it until I find a husband. I just always saw the man in the house as the person in the relationship who brought home the money. But as my perspective began to change, I started to realize that this isn’t what is always happening.

There are women who are single and need to support themselves, women who aren’t in a relationship and possibly don’t even want to be in one. There are women who are single mothers and need the money to support themselves, and especially their child. There are women who do better at a job than a man does, either because she is more well-equipped naturally or has a college degree.

The fact that women are paid less simply because they are women is unfair and unreasonable. Men aren’t the only ones who have bills to pay, clothes to buy, and food to eat. Women should have the same rights as men. They should be able to support themselves if that’s what they want or need to do.

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