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Have Women’s Rights Gone Too Far?
September 15, 2014 Katherine Scherer

Have Women’s Rights Gone Too Far?

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It was today actually, when I received the information that a girl I had grown up with since birth is pregnant. Thankfully, she doesn’t believe in abortion, and despite the consequences, is keeping the child. The whole time I’m swallowing the fact that my friend is pregnant, I couldn’t help but wonder what she would have done had she decided not to tell anyone about the baby. What would have become of my friend emotionally as a person if she had decided to “just do away with it” as they say. She would still have the exterior of a normal life, yes, but could she live with the thought of killing her child forever? I know my friend. I know that despite the challenges she will no doubt have while raising this child in the future, it won’t compare to the regret she would have faced every day had she gone through with the abortion. Society tells women they DESERVE rights, and it is their RIGHT to have an abortion if they want. How is it that the exact thing used to grant women their rights is also used to kill innocent unborn children. I am a woman myself, yet I don’t feel cheated when it comes to my rights in America, which happens to be a country of freedom and opportunity. Whose giving the aborted boys and girls their freedom and opportunity? If women want the right to not have a baby, I have two options for them. Number one, birth control. This still isn’t guaranteed that there will be no pregnancy. And number two (the preferred option), abstinence. Not having sex is the best, most bullet proof way to make sure you don’t get pregnant when you’re not married. Most pro choice supporters would tell you that it’s not a child they’re getting rid of, but simply a mass of collected tissue taking place within a woman’s womb. Well I’m here to tell you that “that mass of tissue” has a heartbeat after only four weeks of development and bone formation after only sixteen weeks. Put yourself in the shoes of an aborted baby. No choice or say in the matter of whether or not he/she survives through the next developing trimester in their mother’s womb. Gianna Jessen is a perfect example of this. She was aborted on April 6 1977… and survived. It was a miracle in and of itself that the clinic performed emergency care on what was supposed to be a late term saline aborted child. After having suffered from cerebral palsy her whole life, Jessen declares it God’s grace that she is still alive. She believes herself to have been hated since conception, only finding love in the one true God, Jesus Christ. The situation involving my friend truly made me realize how absurd and completely disturbing it is to place the power of abortion in the hands of any female around the country. I believe it best to commit every child’s life unto God.

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