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Learning from Flowers
February 10, 2015 Kristina Conrad

Learning from Flowers

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          A flower, opening its heart up to the sun. Reaching upwards, towards the sky for its nourishment. Why is it there? Scientists say that flowers exist as reproductive agents, ensuring that the plants of which they are a part do not die out. This is true, but this does not explain why they are so beautiful. Why do they come in such stunning varieties? Why are some purple and some yellow? Why are some white and some pink? Why do they give off such beautiful scents? Some would say that these colors and scents attract pollinators. Although this might be true, I would like to suggest another reason: our enjoyment.

          Humans have eyes for the purpose of seeing, seeing not just potential dangers but also enjoyable sights, seeing beauty. Flowers don’t have to be so bright or beautiful, but since they are, we who have been given the privilege of seeing should take the time to truly enjoy them. Enjoy them, not just as parts of a plant, but as joyful pieces of unnecessary but very pleasurable beauty. Beauty that looks outside of itself for necessary nourishment, living in dependence on light and rain from above, foundation and stability from below, and Carbon Dioxide from its fellow creatures.

          In a way, we too are like flowers. We are born in dependence. We are not necessary to the world, and we cannot provide ourselves with even the basic necessities of life. We must rely on parents for food, cleaning and protection. And always, we must rely on plants for the air we breathe. This being so, we never grow out of dependence. Perhaps we never should. Perhaps we should look at beautiful flowers and remember that we too are not necessary to the world but that, like the flowers, we can also bring enjoyment and beauty into the lives of others. We can remember that we will never be able to fully depend on ourselves. This being what it is, we should both enjoy and produce beauty, always doing so knowing that this beauty is not necessary, not something that we are entitled to, but it is nevertheless something to be enjoyed and appreciated. Something for which we should be thankful.

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