Charity Corruption
September 13, 2016 lauren callen

Charity Corruption

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As we watch tragedies occur around the world such as life-threatening earthquakes and tornadoes, America does it’s best to provide aid.  Commercials flood television screens and radio stations asking Americans to help these devastated areas by donating money.  In response, charities raise hundreds of thousands of dollars from Americans who are eager to help.  What these donators don’t know is that more than half of the money they donate will most likely be kept by the organization instead of helping the cause.  Corrupt charities are becoming more and more prevalent during this day and age and something needs to be done about it.  Nothing is being done to stop these fraudulent charities, so the community must now do its part to stop these charities and direct its money toward organizations that are better equipped to help those in need.

Not all charities are taking donor money, but one should be well aware of where their money is going before getting ready to donate thousands of dollars.  For example, according to CNN reporters Kris Hundley and Kendall Taggart, the charity “Kids Wish Network” raises millions of dollars annually from families who have dying children, but the foundation only uses about 3 cents per dollar actually helping these children.  Most charities like Kids Wish Network divert the cash back to the founders and other employees instead of investing it in the cause.  Sometimes it can be quite obvious which charities are doing good and bad.  Bad charities are usually not invested in the cause.  They rarely interact with the people in which they are helping, and do not allow donators to be involved. 

On the contrary, charities like The Ronald McDonald House and Boys and Girls Club are completely invested in the children they are helping.  They allow people to work hands on with children and see first hand where the donated money is spent.  The Ronald McDonald House allows volunteers not only donate their money but also their time.  Volunteers are able to cook meals for the sick children and their families, and make them feel at home.

We are called to make a difference in American lives.  If corrupt charities are forced into stricter regulations, hundreds if not thousands of lives can be impacted.  As CNN reported stated in records to corrupt charities, “If that money had gone to charity, it would have been enough to build 20,000 Habitat for Humanity homes, buy 7 million wheelchairs or pay for mammograms for nearly 10 million uninsured women.”   It is time to take a stand.  Will we let our money be squandered by corrupt charity founders or will we fight for our money to save lives?  A change needs to be seen or charities will soon be of no value.

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