Why a self-sacrificing life is the most satisfied life?
September 15, 2015 lingxu

Why a self-sacrificing life is the most satisfied life?

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Through the human history, people continue searching a life that they are most well-pleased. Some people believed that a human’s is most delighted when he has a sufficient material base. However, as far as I considered, men are most contented when they sacrifice something for other’s sake, when they performs a self-sacrificing life style. There are two crucial reasons that could support my argument.

            First of all, people sacrifice something, and they also gain other valuable things from others. When man offer his time, responsibility, love to others, his may also build his credibility and esteem from other people. Take a volunteer who works in a nursing home as an example. When he spent his time, energy and passion to care an old man, eventually what he will gain is both trust and respect from this old man.

            Secondly, a sacrificing action will create a meaningful life.  Currently, many people desired to donate money to charity organization. A middle estate family might donate a relative small amount of money, and a well-known celebrities might give more to those charity organizations. One of the reasons that motivate men for donation is the sense of meaningful. It is purposeful because that their financial contribution may indirectly or directly change a person’s life. A refuge in a catastrophic earthquake may have food and shelter, and a child who lived in poverty area could be educated. When people see these improvements in other men’s life, they will believe that their life is meaningful because they could present something valuable back to community instead of merely seizing the resources that society has adequately provided.

            In conclusion, there are two important reasons for why a self-sacrificing is most valuable. Firstly, man who give himself for other’s sake will also obtain love and respect from others. Secondly, a sacrificing action could change other people’ life but it will also make life to become meaningful. Therefore, I believe people should demonstrate a self- sacrifice life even though it is not correlated with current social dominated values such as materialistic. However, man’s life will be more delighted if he perform this living style.

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