Head/body Transplant News
September 13, 2015 Nessa Voloshina

Head/body Transplant News

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A new medical controversy stuck the world this week. We are informed that in 2017, a team of elite doctors and experts will perform a human head transplant. Although this news may strike us a hoax at first, we should not be surprised that this may be the truth. Men have been trying to “play God” for quite a while with their search for immortality and superior human complexion like Captain America. It seems that today’s medical world is obsessed with trying to perform miracles and creating demigods.

On one hand, such a thing as a head/body transplant may lead to a much better life, if successful. On the other, this means that humanity is not open to accept that there is such a thing God that can be their healer.  Also, is it possible that people who are suffering from these horrible diseases do not have a cure for their illness? We don’t know why they were chosen to suffer from this. We do not know how getting rid of this disease will impact their life? Is it possible that with this transplant, this person’s life may be affected in a horrible way? If successful, they may have a body in a better health condition, but they may suffer from not being able to adjust to life, procreated, etc. There is a very slim chance of this man coming out of the surgery with a fully functional body, enjoying the gifts of life.

Although many may not agree, but we are each given obstacles in life; some more than others. However, this may be for a reason. Is it possible that we are given obstacles so that we can learn to overcome them and grow as a person? Is it possible that we are given obstacles so that we can find a greater “source” to help us these obstacles? Maybe this is a way for us to find truth and healing in God.

 I agree that humans must make efforts to heal each other and improve the quality of life, but in my opinion, this is beyond helping each other. This is just for someone to get recognition from “playing God”, not for the benefit of others. The chances of this man having a normal, healthy life are very slim. I believe he is better off seeking help and healing from God than letting someone perform the impossible. There are many miracles in the world, where people are healed with the help of God and/or their community, but this would not be a “miracle”. This would be the next Frankenstein, who may end not wanting this in the end. I believe this procedure would not only be inhumane, but also ungodly.


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