Police Officers: Wolves or Sheep Dogs?
February 18, 2016 MJ Delilah

Police Officers: Wolves or Sheep Dogs?

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America is the land of movements and revolutions. Since before our nation began we have had a tendency to break out of the norm. Movements today include same sex marriage, pro-choice, and #BlackLivesMatter. All these movement are filled with good intentions, but it’s difficult to ignore the repercussions of such movements as #BlackLivesMatter. Police brutality is a very real thing. It’s undeniable. The police have wrongfully murdered people. People have been killed by the police in situations where it was necessary to prevent the person from murdering more people. I agree that these lethal mistakes should not be swept under the rug. Justice should be sought after. However, there must be a line drawn between making sure that a careless police officer pays for his crime and not the police force as a whole.

While the Black Lives Matter movement is in full swing, reaching for racial equality and justice for their own, an ugly underbelly of malice towards America’s police force exists. On August 28th 2015, Deputy Darren Goforth was shot 15 times from behind while at a gas station. The motive for his killing was solely based on the fact that he was a cop in a uniform. On the subject of killing cops, King Noble, a radio show host that has affiliations with the movement said, “It’s unavoidable, inescapable. It’s funny that that now we are moving to a time where the predator will become the prey.” His statement reveals a lot about how many in the African American community see themselves as the prey of cops, and given the opportunity to turn the tables they will gladly become the predator. I asked a police officer, I will call him Ben, that has been in the force for 15 years about this anti-cop mentality and how he sees it lived out. He spoke about how since these movements began people are much more outwardly hostile towards police officers they come in contact with.

Police officers are human. Civilians are human. Humans have a history of making mistakes, some more costly than others. Police officers exist for a reason. They are the authority. They are also the protectors. Ask anyone what the world would be like with no laws and no authority. Everyone knows the answer: Anarchy. Raising the next generation in a world where cops are hated, disrespected, and murdered is dangerous. A common name used to describe cops is “sheep dog”. They are willing to protect the sheep; their very presence keeps wolves away. Rarely do they kill, but they will if necessary to protect the sheep. Many people have tragically made sheepdogs into wolves. Racial equality is something the world needs. The cost should not be tearing down another group of people. It’s critical to remember what 90% of cops are doing. The cop I spoke to said, “In any community, who’s going out in the middle of the night? It’s not the activists; it’s not the politicians, it’s the police officers.” If this noble work is not respected it will bring even more tragedy and conflict to our nation.








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