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Any Answer is Not a Good Answer
June 21, 2012 Michaela Jaros

Any Answer is Not a Good Answer

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I was raised in a Christian family and I also grew up in America’s “Bible Belt.” Not only were those close to me believers, but nearly everyone I met considered themselves to be too. In many ways, this was a blessing, but in others it allowed me to relax and not think critically about my faith.

In my teen years I realized that I quickly become defensive if questioned about what I believed and why. Why? I didn’t have answers. Even if I ultimately had the answer (Christianity being true), I didn’t know how to address some of the concerns that were brought to me. All I could offer were perhaps snippets of sermons my mind conjured up or perhaps a (out of context) scripture verse I thought might apply. At times I found myself in heated debates. Mainly because I was so convinced I was right and yet couldn’t give sufficient responses.

Something I’ve learned in recent years is that of all the turn-offs to Christianity, one of the biggest is a know-it-all Christian. And most people agree that if someone acts like they know it all it’s probably because they don’t know it all.

This realization has not only spurred me on to actually learn about my faith but helped teach me to admit when I just don’t know something. Admitting that you don’t know and offering to get back to the person when you’ve done some more thinking and/or scripture study is a much better alternative to simply spewing your first thought/best guess on the issue.

God calls us seek wisdom and understanding. Let’s not be lazy!

He also calls us to be humble, like He is.

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