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Impact Blog Post
September 15, 2014 Mikaela Martin

Impact Blog Post

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Four months ago a member of the board from National Charity League came to our high school class, the class of 2014, meeting to encourage our mothers to become sustainers.  One of the perks of our mothers becoming sustainers and staying involved in NCL after we graduated was that they would be able to attend the Holiday Tea, which will be moving from a nice backyard affair to a lavish Tea at the Ritz Carlton increasing the cost of an approximate amount of $7,000. Therefore, I proposed to the board that the East Valley Chapter should donate a portion of the club’s reserve money that they want to spend on the Holiday Tea to some of the Philanthropies we serve. The vision of NCL states “through the mother-daughter relationship, National Charity League will develop strong women leaders serving and impacting communities today and for generations to come.” If this organization is striving to meet that goal, then wouldn’t it make sense to have the members vote on a philanthropy to donate the extra money towards instead of spending the funds to make the Tea a more lavish affair? I believe that we were all called to put others before ourselves and that the additional money should definitely be used to make an impact on hurting communities.  The chapter tea lasts for a total of two hours, but the added cost for tea at the Ritz could impact individuals for a lifetime if we donated the money to our philanthropies.  For example, if we donate just $500 to an organization such as Feed My Starving Children, we will feed 76 children for a month. Just think about that. $500 could feed 76 kids for an entire month. If you have ever volunteered at Feed My Starving Children, then you know the significant impact this food has on those individuals’ lives. Imagine what $500 could do for the other fifteen philanthropies. I believe that in keeping with the NCL pillars, it is my duty to act as an advocate for those less fortunate within our community. We are such a privileged group of people; I can’t fathom spending these valuable resources on us when there are so many in need. One of the Core Values of National Charity League is “inspiring a legacy of social awareness and compassion”; another is “providing depth of support in local communities”. I have learned these values over the past six years of being in NCL and I am now striving to incorporate these values into my daily life. Furthermore, I am trying to encourage the board members and the other classes in this chapter to live in such a way to recognize the problems in this world and then put forth time, energy, and money into solving those problems and making this a better world. I do not understand why people would chose to be apart of this organization if their focus was not on helping others. It is called National Charity League for a reason; that reason is to bring charity to the hurting communities around us. It is not to plan and invest $7,000 into a tea that we can all frivolously enjoy for a total of two hours max. Therefore I urge you to think about what is truly important in life- spending an afternoon in a fancy elaborate setting or spending an afternoon saving other people’s lives.

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