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February 17, 2016 Miranda Lees


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DE Timepieces have become a popular brand among my evangelical friend groups. Upon further investigation of who and what they are I discovered some positive traits of this company. DE is a company dedicated to excellence in their craftsmanship of watches. They create beautiful artwork that is worn by thousands to keep track of their day. DE watches are made with genuine leather and furnished with a simplistic design. Pulled directly from their site DE Timepieces claims to be “a watch company dedicated to redeeming the Time.”

Time is what our entire society revolves around, it’s the only resource we as humans can’t get back. In our day and age we rush about accomplishing as much as possible, filling our schedules to the brim and as the day comes to an end we are left feeling exhausted and empty. It’s often said that as people conclude of their lives they don’t remember all the tasks they fulfilled but the time they spent with friends and family, doing what they love. This bleak contrast highlights a misguided perspective in our cultural norms.

DE has uniquely reached out to the up and coming generation through their marketing tactics, design, and business build. They obviously contrast the norm of “auto-pilot” busy living by creating a piece that is to be worn day in day out to remind you of your purpose and the “why’s” of where you spend your time. When we are aware of the “whys” of our actions we are able to live more freely and engage with those who matter most. DE Timepieces come with the daily reminder to reaffirm my priorities and make time for what matter most and when you do that your life becomes a more open more beautiful place. Learning to redeem our time as society is a lesson will must learn now or we will lose many opportunities of the here and now.

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