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An Ever Growing Wonder: How Christian Artists Identify Their Music
September 16, 2014 Monica Ngethe

An Ever Growing Wonder: How Christian Artists Identify Their Music

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A topic that really stood out to me in the first week of my Foundations of Christian Thought class was the discussion of what makes Christian band and/or singer. That also brought me to the thought that (in the Christian perspective), if a singer or band is does not identify themselves as Christians, but their music has a significant uplifting message, does that still make them wrong? What qualifies them as wrong? Many Christians would argue that it is because they do not recognize where their talents truly come from, God. In today’s society and in the music industry identifying yourself as a Christian usually does not help your career at all. In a way, your music loses respect because of the notion that all of your music has to sound like a hymnal or very “goody-goody” as one of my friends describes it as. Many bands have Christian members but do not overall identify themselves as a Christian band. Does that make the members wrong for associating themselves with a so called “secular band”. An interesting interview came to mind from a well known band in the hardcore genre known as We Came As Romans. One of the members of the band, Andy, was asked, “Often in America we have religion pushed upon us but these are the very same people aren’t living what they preach.. What’s your perception of Jesus and how did you arrive at it?” And his response was, “I personally am a believer in the Lord..Too many people get caught up in passing judgment but what we have to realize is that there is only one judge and that’s the Lord. I think we were put on this earth to love each other and to understand how to love as the Lord did unto us. That’s why our band writes about love enduring all things. Our band’s not a Christian band but there are some Christians in the band and we all agree on writing about one thing and that is to write about love.”  Another band known as The Devil Wears Prada also had a similar question in which member Mike was asked, “You’ve been open about your Christian faith in your songs … Do you ever feel restricted by that?” And his response, “Christians have a responsibility in discipleship. …When I joined the band, it wasn’t a “Christian Band.” We were just Christians in a band. When I became the singer, I was like, “Can I write about it?” Everyone was fine with it, which was cool. When it comes to writing, my faith just comes through.” Both Andy and Mike’s response to that question literally opened my mind. I believe it does not matter if you are a Christian member in a secular band because regardless if you identify yourself with Christ it will show in your lyrics, music, and lifestyle. If your lyrics are delivering a positive impact on those who listen to it, then what is the fault?

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