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September 15, 2015 Tsz Hin Nicholas So

Impact blog post

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Foreign domestic helpers in Hong Kong

Recently a staggering number of foreign domestic helpers are being abused in Hong Kong. This has triggered an extensive discussion in society around whether the people of Hong Kong are exploiting those workers. In this short article I will cover the present situation of foreign domestic helpers in Hong Kong, and we will talk about the slavery-like conditions the domestic helpers are facing.

A Hong Kong couple was jailed lately for a shocking string of attacks on their Indonesian domestic helper. They used an iron to burn her, and beat her with a bike chain. This is not the only case that the public media reported. But in reality, there are more foreign domestic helpers being abused every day– verbally, physically or even sexually. This situation should not be any longer tolerated, and the rights of the domestic helpers should be upheld.

Foreign domestic helpers are practically modern slaves in Hong Kong. Foreign domestic helpers working in Hong Kong can be considered victims of human trafficking. Which can also imply that slavery and slave trade are happening in Hong Kong. No way should we support the allowance of these kinds of activities. These foreign domestic helpers came long a way from Indonesia or Philippines to Hong Kong, and they are being wrongfully treated like slaves. They are like goods or possessions to their employers. For example, Erwiana Sulistayaniangsih, a foreign domestic helper from Indonesia, fled Hong Kong after allegedly being beaten by her employer. This does indeed happen in Hong Kong. Even in a modern and civilized city, some people act inhuman in our society.

I believe foreign domestic helpers should be treated equally because they are also human beings. According to the United Nations declarations on human rights, everyone is equal. So we should not treat people differently because of their race, nationality, and gender. We can see that the domestic helpers are the minority and unprivileged in Hong Kong society. Besides, they ought to have the freedom from torture. They should never been abused physically or verbally. We should respect them as human beings, and even as part of our family.

Finically, foreign domestic helpers get a low salary. For a domestic helper in Hong Kong, their normal monthly salary would be $4110 HKD, which is only $580 HKD a month. Additionally, the salaries are not adjusted for inflation. But they work 6 days a week. Sometimes they do not get sleep because of their heavy workload. It is a matter of fairness, everyone should deserves fair payment for their work. Therefore, the monthly salary of a foreign domestic helper should be raised, thus improving their quality of life.

            With the purpose of improving the working conditions of the foreign domestic helpers, it is highly desirable that the Legislative council of Hong Kong should implement new policy to protect these workers.

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