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September 22, 2015 Taja Ward

Impact Blog Post

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While California has its issues, there is a homeless crisis occurring in New York City. The report says there are many people living on the streets for a number of reasons. “A city with homeless on its streets is a city that has no love of its people,” says the former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani. Shouldn’t we love everyone like how God loves us? 1 John 4:7 from the bible states,” Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God; and everyone who loves is born of God and knows God.” If there are people struggling and we are witnesses to that, we should want to help them. When Jesus was on this earth, he was sent from God for a very special purpose. While he was here, he was a servant to all of his people and helped them when they were in need because he loved us so dearly. For this purpose, we should love everyone and want to help people who really needs it.

Someone who felt this way was the mayor of NYC. This crisis was brought to his attention and he wanted to do something about it. He wanted to help in any way that he possibly could. He attacked the problem with many solutions for it. Rudy thought of many reasons why a person would be homeless, living on the streets and he had answers to all those reasons. He wanted to get those people the appropriate help that they needed. Rudy states,”If it’s simply a lack of housing, I would find him a place to live and as soon as possible find him a job so he could regain the self-respect to care for himself and his family. If he is an alcoholic or drug addict or suffers from mental illness, then I would bring him to appropriate programs – many of which have great success in dealing with these afflictions using therapy and medications. Under no circumstances would I leave him an option that does not and should not exist in a loving city.” Rudy, having the huge role of being the mayor of a city, knew his job was to serve and help people who desperately needed it because he cares so much, which was one of the many things Jesus fulfilled while he was here on earth.

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