Should Sex Wait?
September 15, 2014 paige mieras

Should Sex Wait?

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Should Sex Wait?

One of the most contradictory subjects in and outside of religion, is sex outside of marriage. Are there actual dangers? If you “love” the person, why should it matter if you are joined together in marriage or not? If we really looked closer, there are many reasons that should convince us to wait to be married. Not only are there many dangers regarding diseases, sex outside of marriage can also bring many emotional tolls and lifelong regret. God created sex designed to be for a man and a woman to share when they are accounted for in marriage According to Gregory Baker, “Simply because something has become more acceptable to society as a whole doesn’t make it either right or without consequences. There are very real dangers that are associated with sex before and outside of marriage” (Baker). He brings to us the realization that sex out of marriage may seem right at the time, but ultimately can do more harm than satisfaction.

Although the statistics may be shocking, just think of all the people you know who have fulfilled this act at least once, if not more. The fact that you know about their experience(s) may have to do with the emotional baggage it left them with. Gregory Baker could not have proved this point more adequately than by saying this, “Take away the commitment and replace it with a cheap love, you rob yourself of one of the most precious gifts you can give” (Baker). Although some may be proud of the choice they made the previous night, lots regret the decision and wish to take back the shameful deed. Scientists have discovered a hormone called Oxytocin, which is proved to be released in the brain and make the emotional connection during sex much more prevalent. Oxytocin is released during many events such as sex and also occurs during breast feeding. This hormone brings nearness and an unforgettable connection. When sex outside of marriage is the case with someone in a future marriage it is difficult to move on from. Sex is something supposed to bind a husband and a wife together, not meant for lots of people. God tells us that when you come together in a sexual union you become one.

Sexually transmitted diseases are very prevalent in today’s society, and I think in a way we have become more immune to them. Statistics have grown drastically, and there have been few efforts in trying to change them. As Baker states, “Statistics prove that having multiple partners increases the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. Some are curable and some aren’t” (Baker). Most teenagers and young people are not aware of many of these diseases and the affects they can have short term and most importantly long term. These diseases shared through intercourse can cause a variety of very serious diseases, some which can even be life threating. Once you possess one of these diseases you cannot get rid of it, therefor most likely passing it on to a future husband/wife.

Many people will willingly argue against this belief factor, but I believe there comes a point where it’s not just a belief. If the only reasoning presented is that we have free will or you “feel” like you are in love, we need to start digging deeper than those reasonings that are scraping the surface behind sex and its true meaning. Sex is something that should be saved for marriage for more than one reason and I stand strong in my conviction that the statistics and reports will come to the same outcome.

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