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September 14, 2015 Patrick Wheeler

Marijuana Today

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Things aren’t the same as they used to be. People are changing, places are changing, our country is changing along with it’s culture. A decade or so, the recreational use of marijuana was prohibited, and it was used strictly for medical purposes. Now, in 2015, state after state is legalizing the recreational use of marijuana as long as its users follow the rules laid out for it. Our country is much different today than it was before all these knew rules came into play. So how should we feel about marijuana? From another viewpoint, how should Christians feel about the recreational use of marijuana? There are many different perspectives for this topic, but I’ll share my feelings on it.

America is known as a place of freedom. Many people interpret this as the ability to do whatever they want whenever they want. However, I think that there are certain limitations that are implied when the word “freedom” is used in this context. The way that the laws are set up, at least in Washington where I am originally from, people above the age of 21 are allowed to buy a certain amount of cannabis and use it in the privacy of their home, not public. I think the problem with marijuana arises when people use it in public, where others are exposed to it that don’t necessarily want to be, and when they go out and do something, such as driving, while under the influence. When people participate in these ways, they aren’t respecting those around them and, in some cases, endangering those around them. I believe that medical marijuana is fine if someone is on their deathbed or close to it and it is necessary to soothe them or reduce the pain of their condition. Ultimately, if someone wants to do it, they’re going to: it’s their choice.

From a Christian standpoint, there are a couple of ways that we can connect this issue to the Bible. Now the Bible doesn’t directly tell us if marijuana is right or wrong, so the subject is open to interpretation. In Genesis, the Bible tells us that God gave us every plant on the earth, and that we should have them for food. We know that everything God created is good, so we can’t just say that marijuana is a bad thing. However, I feel that good things can be used in sinful ways. The Bible doesn’t specifically talk about drug use, but it does talk about alcohol. It tells us not to get drunk, as it causes us to lose awareness/discretion and could cause us to stumble. The Bible tells us to be sober-minded, else the devil may cause us to stumble. I see cannabis in a similar way: it can cloud judgment and affect our decision making. Anything that can cause us to sin should be avoided if possible.

This topic can connect to the creation. God gave us cannabis and dominion over it to do what we choose. We don’t have to turn grapes into wine, but we do. People don’t have to smoke marijuana, but they do. God also created us with a free will, and to do with ourselves what we want. Therefore, we can choose for ourselves whether or not cannabis is a good or bad thing, but as for me, I stand firm in my belief that it is not a beneficial habit to have.

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