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September 15, 2015 Phoebe Bouleh

Impact Blog Post

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It’s easy to get comfortable in our idyllic American lifestyle; of course some have it harder than others but all in all everyone that lives in these states has one communal gift…freedom. Something that is taken all too flippantly at times, especially when stories in the news come up of two valiant men who literally had to cross the sea to hear their liberty bells ring. Hesham Modamani and Feras Abukhalil are two Syrian men who swam oceans and crossed mountains just to gain sight of a natural right such as freedom. They swam through the waters of the Aegean Sea until reaching the coastline of Chios where they started their trek on foot through Europe. They left everything they knew behind, their families, households, lives…now what would push a man to do that? Deficiency, vulnerability, control, pain, fear, the unknown. All things that were more than palpable back in their home. For them seeing a friend taken by government officials in broad daylight became a not so sporadic thing. The Syrian uprising that began in 2011 has made bearings to individuals such as these two. It’s sad because people’s lives and their aspirations must now be put on hold for dispute of others. In the four fold doctrine it talks about the “fall” when something is spiraling downward, kind of like the lives of these people. The fall if studied, observed or even just heard of is a sore thing, it’s so much easier to lose balance and fall than it is to climb back up to greatness. The fall here can be symbolized by how the people of their own country have now turned against it, pugnacity and abhorrence runs deep through the streets. But here’s the good news. After the fall comes redemption also known as being delivered or liberated, something the people of Syria desperately need. Redemption is offered to all who choose to gain true understanding of it and then simply receive. In order for things to get enhanced, in order for redemption to become reality one must first change their outlook and perspective. Who are you crying out to? Where do your hopes lie? What is it that you want to see? What is it that you want to change? The matters in Syria are nothing short of multifaceted and hard. But I believe in the goodness the world offers, I believe that every day you may be on the brink of discovery, freedom, redemption…In order to change those around you, in order to take control of your own little kingdom that surrounds you, first look to yourself. Although it may seem impossible to the people living an everyday life in Syria, joy is a universal theme that abounds the greatest in the hopeless of situations. Not only freedom but redemption is offered to all who choose to accept it for what it is.

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