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IBP – “First Impressions”
September 16, 2014 Phillip Aguilera

IBP – “First Impressions”

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I will be the first to admit, I do not have all the answers; however I have many questions and one is; “Do we really love the sinner and hate the sin?” This statement is suppose to represent how God loved us and blessed used with salvation even though we were found dead in our sin. I can’t help but feel we miss the mark in applying this love to our fellow sinners. One of the big issues in our society today is homosexuality, and the application of love from our Churches and our homes to this particular sin. From my view people living a life in homosexuality are not shown the same grace and mercy as other sinners. Somehow, they are made to feel as though they have more work to do with erdicating there sin; as if homosexuality was the only thing that needed to be eradiceted in order to be accepted at home or in church.

With churches, I don’t believe they reject homosexuals from attending, but I do believe most homosexuals don’t attend church because of the rejection at home by there Christian family members.Yes, as believers in Christ we are to be concerned of our brothers or sisters salvation but, how you communicate your concerns can lead those brothers and sisters away from Christ, not closer. Bringing up facts like: acts of homosexuality is an abomination to God; you won’t inherit God’s kingdom, and constantly telling that person it’s a sin to be gay, is stating the obvious of what they have heard their whole life. I’m not saying for us to accept the sinful acts, but to approach every sin with sensitivity. There have been times that terrible reactions and comments about homosexuality have lead those individuals to commit suicide, which is a problem.

We need to reflect on our life before Christ and the sins we struggle with and possibly still struggling with. I know for myself I never thought I was a sinner; Christ alone revealed that to me through his word, the Gospel being taught, and by blessing me with understanding. I know I felt shame, ugly, and dirty once my sinful nature was brought to light; then I felt clean knowing I was washed by the blood of Christ. I can’t speak on what it is like to live as a homosexual, so many questions arise that maybe I can pursue answers to, like: Does your identity as a homosexual change your view on who God is? Do you/or (not) believe in God the creator of the heavens and the earth? Do you believe The Bible is the whole truth and authority of God? Are homosexual acts a sin to you?

To be honest, these questions can possibly be applied to almost all matters of sin. Trying to find out what each person believes, or where they might be in their walk with God. God believes we are all worth saving; does everyone know and understand this, or was the first thing spoken, pertaining to how unworthy we are in the life we are currently living. I believe there is a time and a place for truth to be revealed regarding our sinful nature which is important for true repentence. So, before we get to repentence God’s good nature must be revealed first. We must abstain from any actions or remarks that brings dissension and instead love the sinner by relating as a sinner.

We are God’s representatives and the worst thing we can do is be an obstacle for somone to get close and to know God. As Christians we are the first glimpse the world has into the character of God. Like people say “First impressions are Everything”.

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