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A new series of blogs/lectures
August 25, 2014 richardstevenpark

A new series of blogs/lectures

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In a few days, I plan to start a new series of blogs. This (rather lengthy) series will consist primarily in a set of (modified) lecture notes for a course I teach at Biola University entitled “Foundations of Christian Thought.” There are four major sections which make up the course: (1) Forming a Christian Worldview; (2) Doing Theology Biblically; (3) Integrating Faith & Reason; and (4) Analyzing & Impacting Culture. This series will be posted here: tinyurl.com/ProfParkNotes.

I hope these notes are useful both to my students in the course and to anyone interested learning about foundational topics in Christian thought, topics which involve doctrines and issues such as: Creation, Fall, Redemption, vocation, gospel & culture, theology & society, faith & reason, and much more.

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