Impact Blog Post: Searching for Acceptance
September 15, 2014 Millen

Impact Blog Post: Searching for Acceptance

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Are acceptance, care and everlasting love really only true qualities of relationships found in fairytales? Women are often mocked for having unrealistic and unattainable standards when it comes to love.  But women are not the only ones who desire an abundance of attention and love.  Whether openly admitted or not, human culture screams for and longs for acceptance and love.  This desire is displayed obviously within the lyrics of many popular, secular songs sung by successful, famous artists.  It is displayed most obviously in the countless depressing love songs about not being good enough. Taylor Swift is noted to be an expert on writing songs of these kinds.  One song in particular which shows human’s strong desire and need for love and acceptance is Orianthi’s popular, “According to You”.  Orianthi’s feelings of rejection are obvious in her lyrics “according to you I’m stupid, I’m useless, I can’t do anything right.” and  “I need to feel appreciated like I’m not hated”.  She then continues to sing about how she wants to be loved.  She is begging to be seen as “beautiful”, “incredible”, “irresistible” and “funny” but all she feels is rejection and hurt.  If Orianthi, a popular music celebrity, is capable of feeling feelings of rejection and pain this greatly, how many more millions of American’s feel this way on a daily basis?  This also leads me to question, why are these feelings of rejection and pain so universally accepted and dismissed as parts of life that are just unchangeable?  I would suggest that nothing is done about these feelings because the world has come to believe that a fairytale type love can not exist and that disappointment in all relationships is inevitable.  I would further suggest that this opinion has been formed because the world has not been searching for their desired love in the right places.  I would like to propose that a fairytale type relationship full of faithfulness, acceptance and everlasting love can in fact exist and is attainable for any who seeks it.  A relationship where Orianthi can feel “beautiful”, “incredible” and “funny” is out there and fully within Orianthi’s reach.  This relationship lays not among man, but with the creator of the universe in heaven, God our father.  God, who created the heavens and the earth, offers this type of relationship to any who seek him and trust in him.  As believers in Christ we become his children and as his children become more valued, accepted and loved then we could ever imagine.  God offers us an acceptance that overlooks all our flaws and a relationship where we are seen as beautiful and incredible.  This relationship is possible through nothing we can do, but through God’s immense and everlasting love.  I believe a relationship abounding in acceptance, faithfulness and everlasting love is not just found in fairytales, but available for any human longing for love and acceptance.  The key to finding this kind of relationship is found in pursuing the creator in heaven, God.

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