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Christianity and Gays
February 12, 2015 Sam C

Christianity and Gays

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This issue has been brought to light as our nation is becoming more open to the idea of supporting the gay community. Marriage, open status in the military, and also celebrities have been opening up to the public about their sexuality. Regardless of choice or the idea of one’s sexual orientation was from birth, Christian teachings does go against the idea of being gay and have brought a spotlight on themselves and the church. Some churches decided to take on a radical path on bringing hate while others have taken a more passive denial of this trend. For example, proposition 8 has been fought by churches to encourage Christians to vote no. Some Christians interpret the view as God loves all, even gays. With so many opinions just from the Christianity standpoint, I believe we should use a logical standpoint and see where the divisions are and how this situation should be viewed. If we look back into history, there were a lot hate crimes involved other groups of people. Just to look at a few,  Jews were killed by Nazi’s during the second world war, Black Americans were discriminated, and Muslims were hated after the events of 9/11. In my research, the Jews were hated by Hitler and his party due to the negative experience they had with Jews. However, it can be strongly argued that not all Jews did not act in such ways and in any scenario, deserved to be tortured, starved, and gassed. The black community shouldn’t have been discriminated and labeled “inferior” due to their history of enslavement, which modern day reveals, they more than capable of flying (red tails) and have the level of intelligence as any other race. Martin Luther King Jr. would be a prime example of how the African-Americans can be intellects and change the world. Muslims were hated due to the nationality of the attackers of 9/11 were from Islamic states, which the world did not learn from history by labeling all Muslims are “terrorists” due to the bad representation of the few.

If we use these examples, we can clearly see there are always a group of people who claim to be part of a certain religion or culture who can misrepresent that community. Can one argue against, whichever your choice of religion, culture, or race, we should have a level of sensitivity to maintain peace with the people around us? There are a few exceptions of where people might misuse or take advantage of idea’s and religion to benefit their cause, which is a huge misinterpretation of what the truth actually is. The facts are, even in Christianity, there are some who might be misinformed or people take advantages of whats available to them in Christianity and use it for their own twisted ways. The truth is, according to the Bible, the act of homosexuality is a sin and sin is not good in the sight of God. However, which human being does not have sin? Regardless of the person’s sexual orientation, race, or religious preference, we should all attempt to live in harmony and peace.

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