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The Importance of Music
September 14, 2015 Sarah Lomeli

The Importance of Music

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The Importance of Music

The world we live in is revolved by the different genres of music. According to Google, it defines music as “vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion.” Music artists set the tone of sound and tell a story or reflect on specific topics throughout a song. Writer Emma Green wrote an article titled, “Lecrae:‘Christians Have Prostituted Art to Give Answers’, which discusses the view of Lecrae and Christian music compared to rap artists and their music.

We can look at secular music how “Lecrae tweeted, “Dear Hip Hop, we can’t scream murder, misogyny, lawlessness’ in our music & then turn around and ask for equality & justice…”. This proves how hip-hop music focuses on negative or unnecessary topics but yet still try to use the songs to be heard and get justice. When looking at rapper artists, some may bring up thoughts that are Christian-like, but not everyone would look at the artist under the Christian category. For example, Kanye West is a known artist who has a song called “Jesus Walks”. Although West refers to some Christian ideas in his song, not a lot people would look at him as being a Christian rapper.

Lecrae Moore is a Christian rapper who became more known when his music hit the top charts on the Billboard and under the gospel category. He talks about social issues and personal stories. Green states that one of Lecrae’s albums “Anomaly includes shout-outs to Jesus, gratitude for ‘the redeemer’, and not a single curse word.” This shows how Lecrae’s songs explain meaning about Jesus and how his songs are pure because they have no curse words. Songs like this set a positive standard and should be followed to look up to as a good influence of music.

In a Christian perspective, people should reflect on the type of music that they listen to and really hear out the words that the artist uses. I feel that some people lack to hear out the message of a song. People can do this because they may just like who the artist is or just like the the song for something like its beat. Personally speaking, I was guilty of viewing songs just for the artist or just liking the tone. It wasn’t until I really started to listen to songs for its words when I had a change in thought to hear out a song. Now, when I hear songs that curses or lead to negative ideas, I do my best to ignore those thoughts or simply change the song. Our society, including music artists and hearers, should reflect on the music that is put out. Evaluate a song for the good morals and truth it provides. A stand needs to be taken to set a good example to better the kind of music for future generations to hear.


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