Bringing Light to Our Future
September 12, 2015 Sarah Scholl

Bringing Light to Our Future

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It can be concluded that a great number of the human population sees this world we live in as corrupt. Many aspects of how we all individually live life are so controversially disputed in so many different communities, and evils are subconsciously prevalent in all of our minds that it can be hard to reach a united conclusion on anything.
Complete unification is not something I believe the world should strive for. The world and beyond is so vast that a cookie cutter world is not a possibility, much less something to be considered beneficial.
Rather, I have found that in order to eliminate evils, corruption and injustice on a worldwide scale there is one ideal I believe humans should posses: the ability to focus on the good. Light must outcast darkness.
 Lets take a current world issue that parallels relatable history. The issue at hand is the european refugee crisis caused by the ongoing Syrian Civil War four years in the making. Similar to the Holocaust; humans native to the Syrian area are being forced to seek a new home due to the danger of the war. Their seek for a new place depicts a life of living in unsanitary, overflowing, refugee camps constructed of cardboard, sheets, and any other loose pieces of wood for years at a time. On other fronts, migrators face hostility and violent deaths from Europeans nations where they seek refuge.
Recently though, Germany has opened up its borders to an estimated total of 13,000 Syrian refugees where they will be dispersed through out the country and then integrated into the German work force. This act has been perceived as a redemption for their image following World War II.
On a smaller but just as important scale, organizations such as UNICEF, UNHCR, Doctors Without Borders and The International Rescue Committee are hands on in the camps. They are providing medical care, needed supplies, counseling, educational material for the children, as well as processing and evacuating individuals as they pass along routes in Greece.
I am not saying to be ignorant of the evils in this world. By all means, a person should be well-informed and consciously learning from these mistakes, similarly to Germany’s story in this case.
In short, we as a world should take responsibility for the wrong we have put in this world, and then continue to choose to live in an enlightening way. Corruption has and continued to exist because it is what we know. So if good is what is prevalent in our minds, good will continue to exist and progress throughout the world. If kindness continues to prevail towards the refugees, then one day they won’t be considered refugees anymore. Ultimately, redeeming our world, one crisis at a time, is completely in the hands of our free will to do so.
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