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The Ugly Perception of Beauty
December 12, 2014 sarahjudy

The Ugly Perception of Beauty

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Many people hate on the modeling/fashion industry and the girls who work in it, yet many people also admire the industry. Everyone has an image of ideal beauty and popularity that they strive for. Everyone wants to be accepted, admired, and to live the “American dream”. Those who work in the modeling/fashion industry are constantly justifying its impossible standards, making it seem positive and desirable. However, this industry just may possibly be the most negative – from what I have experienced and observed, as an internationally working model.
There is a hidden side to the industry. A few organizations are trying to change the way that the industry is run, but there still exists an international issue of flawed beauty perceptions. From the outside world, models are praised, treated as VIPs, and envied. The story is different within the industry. While many agents, managers, bookers, and clients have a good relationship with their models, they are in it for the money. I am not saying that all agencies or clients are inhumane, but at times I have observed models being treated as less than human – a body and face that can sell a product. Fifteen year old girls, with what any average person would consider an amazing body, are told to lose weight and go on a diet before they can begin working. I was one of those girls. I know what it can do, psychologically, to a girl that young. The worth of that girl becomes dependent on her outward appearance, which can lead to very unhealthy habits.
I struggled for a while with insecurity issues, due to the impossible standards. A fifteen year old can easily have a waist size of twenty-four, but when a girl becomes a woman – especially a girl tall enough to be a model – a twenty-four inch waist is basically unhealthy. When females – both the ones involved in the industry and the ones simply exposed to the industry through media – are held up to those impossible standards, self-esteem is very difficult to achieve. This is what is wrong with our society. Outward appearance is not as important as everyone seems to think. Recently, I have come to a life-changing realization – my size doesn’t matter. There’s a song – Johnny Diaz – “Beautiful You”. Blew my mind. Please click the link. There could never be a more beautiful me! Looks do initially attract people, but true beauty comes from the heart and the soul. That’s what forms relationships. Would you love your mother or sister or brother or daughter any less if he/she was heavier or “ugly”? Would you love them more if they were more beautiful, thinner, or had abs? The answer is NO! If anyone doesn’t love you for you, then they don’t love you. If my face got melted off in a house fire, I would hope that my boyfriend wouldn’t break up with me and I would hope that my mom wouldn’t be ashamed of me. I am me – hypothetical burnt face or not.

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