The Argument Against Feminism
February 11, 2015 Sadie Byron

The Argument Against Feminism

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Twitter, Facebook and the news are full of women arguing for feminism. This movement has been expanding in the last few decades into something much different than it set out to achieve. Feminism started out as advocating for the equality of sexes, however today, this seems to no longer be the goal.

I am a woman, but I am not a feminist. I think this topic is harder for men to argue because of the fact that feminists would see them as being sexist or selfish. People are afraid to be opposed to feminism because of the reaction that they may get. However, this movement needs to be addressed. While the underlying purpose may have been good before, it has morphed into something dangerous and has even had ill-effects on women as well. Feminists put all women into a box that urges them to be more like the “ideal woman,” being independent, unyielding, strong and leaders. It places a burden on them to conform and causes them to be guilty if their job may seem more “womanly” or if their personality is more meek and reserved.

It seems that instead of being a fight for equality, women are fighting against men. It focuses only on their own rights and almost about gender supremacy. They attribute anger, abrasiveness, and brutality to all men, making them villains and assaulting masculinity. I think the reason that many people, including women, are turned off towards feminism is the fact that those fighting it are so bitter and resentful.

Men and women have very different roles. Men are naturally stronger and made to be the protector and leader of the family. Women are naturally more caring and nurturing. While there are always exemptions to the rule, this is how we are created. There is a beauty in these roles when they work together in harmony.

During the civil rights movement, Martin Luther King Jr. argued for equality with love instead of hate. He is one of the most well-known nonviolent civil rights activist of the twentieth century. His words were powerful and helped to inspire people to change. I believe that this is the best way to approach Women’s Rights; with love and empathy and seeing it from the other person’s perspective.

I would definitely believe that men and women are equal, however I think that woman have taken this debate too far. While I would agree that the world needs a Women’s Rights movement, going about such a debate with hate will never get anywhere. If anything, it pushes people away. The best way, I believe, would be to follow Martin Luther King Jr.’s example of love and peace when fighting for equality. Only then, can we bring back feminism to the fight for equality instead of supremacy.

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